Cayenne de la Forge

DOB:  11/1/2011
Sire:  D'Rio des Barriques, FR2
Dam:  Barriques' Dita
AKC Registered
OFA Good Hips
OFA Normal Elbows

Cayenne is from our C litter.  Cayenne and her littermate brothers are powerful and drivey, with the deep, pushing grips that are typical of their bloodlines.  Cayenne is everything we hoped for in a female from the Rio and Dita match-up.  She is a pushy female with a tremendous desire to bite, and great speed and agility.  She brings a seriousness to her bitework that lets you know she means business.  Her hunt drive is excellent and she is naturally comfortable on the rubble.  She is highly motivated to play with a ball, and as a result, training her for obedience and jumps has been a breeze.  This girl is environmentally and socially stable.